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The rights of the California employees are protected and preserved by the Labor Law lawyers. Overtime pay, harassment and discrimination are the alleged violations based on the California Labor Law. LawyersAndSettlements.com assists clients with Labor Law cases in California. The Lawyers and Settlements California Labor Law makes sure that justice prevails and strives to establish equal rights for the employees. Read more info from www.lawyersandsettlements.com/articles/california_labor_law/california-labor-law-lawsuit-17-17857.html

The overtime law strictly prohibits non-exempt employees from working overtime for more than the regular pay. The overtime pay in California is offered on an hourly basis and non-exempt laborers who must work over 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week should be paid two times their standard pay or more. When they are not included in the paycheck, overtime law is being violated.

Prevailing Wage & Underpaid Laborers:
Public funds support the payment of employees who happen to be working in the construction projects. Federally funded work is included within these projects. The prevailing rates or wages is exactly what the employees are entitled to. The wages paid to the employees employed in similar work criterion are influencing the prevailing wages. Usually the government jobs are highly desired and workers bid to work for a more affordable rate. However, the wages are paid on the norms of the predominant wage rate.

The Prevailing wages apply to the following categories of laborers:
Drywall Installer
Tunnel Worker
Asbestos Worker

Make Up Time and Meal Period:

In case of inevitable circumstances a worker might miss work time and opt to compensate for it by doing work later on. In such situations, the employer will not need to pay overtime salary if the employee works less than 11 hours a day inside the same week.
When an employee works for more than five hours, a 30 minute meal time is to be allotted. But, if the employer and the employee have agreed upon work for six hours together, the meal period can be waived. It should also be noted that there is one more mandatory 30 minute meal timing allotted after 10 hours of labor. By mutual agreement, the employer and employee can waive the other meal period for less than 12 hours of work.

The Labor Law has been framed to prevent the accidents that occur to the laborers. The lawyers in California will help people who deal with these situations in their work arena and acquire suitable settlement for their suffering. The attorneys understand the grounds of the case and do everything within their power to ensure that your case is well-represented and adequate compensation is attained. You will be able to win your case if you hire a lawyer who has sound knowledge and a strong background.

It is every workers right that he is well-paid for the overtime he works and also provided with sufficient meal time. Taking the issue to the court will be very effective in case there are any deviations from the law.